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V.A.C. Therapy Reimbursement

* Various V.A.C.® Therapy products are available on prescription in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. V.A.C.® Therapy products are included in Part IXA of the Drug Tariff under Wound Management Dressings / Topical Negative Pressure System Accessories.

The following V.A.C.® Therapy disposables can be obtained via prescription from retail pharmacies.

Product number Product Name Pack Size PIP code*
320058/5 V.A.C. Freedom® Canister with gel (300 ml) 5 232-1354
VIAKIT07S05 V.A.C. Via™ Starter Kit 5 365-7780
VIAKIT077D01 V.A.C. Via™ System 7-Day Kit 1 368-5757
VIAGFM05 V.A.C. Via™ Dressing Kit Medium 5 365-7954
VIAGFS05 V.A.C. Via™ Dressing Kit Small 5 365-7947
VIACAN05 V.A.C. Via™ Canister 5 365-7939
M8275051/5 V.A.C.® GranuFoam™ Small Dressing Kit
(With SensaT.R.A.C.™)
5 346-8543
M8275052/5 V.A.C.® GranuFoam™ Medium Dressing Kit
(With SensaT.R.A.C.™)
5 346-8576
M8275053/5 V.A.C.® GranuFoam™ Large Dressing Kit
(with SensaT.R.A.C.™)
5 346-8568
M8275098/5 V.A.C. GranuFoam Silver® Small Dressing Kit
(with SensaT.R.A.C.™)
5 346-8683
M8275096/5 V.A.C. GranuFoam Silver® Medium Dressing Kit
(with SensaT.R.A.C.™)
5 346-8691
M8275058/5 ActiV.A.C.® Canister with gel (300 ml) 5 346-7883
M6275026/10 V.A.C.® Gel
(double-sided adhesive hydrogel strip)
10 346-8840
M8275057/10 SensaT.R.A.C.™ Pad
(with tubing clamp and connector)
10 346-8949
M6275009/10 V.A.C.® Drape
(occlusive drape)
10 346-8881
M6275066/10 T.R.A.C.™ Y-Connector
(connects two or more dressings)
10 346-8931
M8275042/5 V.A.C.® GranuFoam™ Bridge Dressing 5 349-4259
M8275068/5 V.A.C.® WhiteFoam Dressing Kit Small 5 346-8659
M8275067/5 V.A.C.® WhiteFoam Dressing Kit Large 5 346-8675
M6275033/10 V.A.C.® WhiteFoam Dressing Small 10 354-7205
M6275034/10 V.A.C.® WhiteFoam Dressing Large 10 354-7105
M8275041/5 V.A.C.® Simplace™ Dressing Kit Small 5 354-8005
M8275040/5 V.A.C.® Simplace™ Dressing Kit Medium 5 354-8013

Whilst Primary Care Trusts can benefit from products being listed on Drug Tariff, the Acute Trusts can benefit from purchasing through NHS Supply Chain, where both KCI Therapeutic Support Systems and V.A.C.® Therapy products are listed. Customers can also order directly through KCI, where we offer a very flexible and competitive delivery service.

Delivery Schedule
Product Group Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
V.A.C.® Therapy units N&S N&S N&S N&S N&S N N
V.A.C.® Consumables N N N N M T T
*N = Next Day Delivery S = Same Day Delivery M = Monday T = the following Tuesday (at the latest)

Same Day Delivery:

Monday to Friday only. Orders must be received before 2pm and will incur a £100 delivery charge.
Next Day Delivery: Orders must be received before 4pm to receive free of charge next (working) day deliver.

For further information regarding reimbursement in the UK, please contact the KCI Advantage Centre on 0800 980 8880 or email

Updated: 3 February 2012

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